Thursday, 23 February 2012

DVSC audit inspection

Just completed  the audit with a young lady from WCVA. Its always good to talk and listen to other people's opinions and ideas. Plenty of food for thought as to how we can develop to provide an even better service to the Third Sector organisations in Denbighshire.

Audit is quite topical at present as I have been involved in recent weeks with one or two organisations locally over governance matters around audit  and I have always found that absolute transparency is the best policy  not only to reassure funders but also to reassure the local community who look to voluntary and community organisations to be transparent and open in their dealings.

As to our audit , yes we  need to make sure that our numbers in the outputs section  relate to the narrative part of the report  and also celebrate some of our achievements  as I guess that most of us in the third sector fail on this as we are so focused on the delivery of the services and supporting the vulnerable we omit to celebrate the impact we make.

My attention now turns to Families First as I am told decisions will be posted out on the  tenders   next week which could possibly mean some organisations being disappointed which in turn could well result in redundancies or reduced hours for staff. As we constantly hear in the press  the financial climate is difficult . Only time will tell and fingers crossed.

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